It was a pleasure working with the Burkhart Brothers and their team of construction professionals.  Where other contractors had said my plans were impossible, the Burkhart Brothers found innovative solutions to ensure I realized the vision we had for our new home.  Because of their experience working on other custom projects they were able to provide insights that played an important role in refining many of our selections for around the house.  Best of all, they cleaned up at the end of every workday and took every step to minimize the dirt and disruption the naturally accompanies a remodel.  I recommend the Burkhart Brothers to all of my friends and colleagues.
Keith R

Burkhart Brothers has impressed both myself and my clients with their work. As a professional interior designer, they have been instrumental to my business with their professionalism, efficiency, and overall knowledge of the trade. I know I can count on them for all of my design build needs.
Sandra Vila, Interior Designer

My husband and I hired the Burkhart Bros. to do a lot of our deferred maintenance projects around the house – roof, insulation, termite damage, painting – inside and out, ceilings, replacing doors, etc.  They heard us when we told them what we wanted, gave great suggestions to help us save money, understood our budget and worked within it.  They and their staff were professional, responsive, neat, and followed through on their work to completion.  We’re living in what feels like a new house and are happy!
Mallory V

I originally met Bryan Burkhart and his team when I was hired to design his personal residence. Initially likable, accessible, and absolutely committed to the end result, I have also been paired with him on many other projects, each continuing to prove those first qualities extend to his work ethic across the board. His team is unflaggingly enthusiastic, thorough, talented and always willing to go the distance. He is a dream contractor and a joy to work with.
Kelly W, Designer, ATELIER Interior Design

Shelley and I are so pleased with the work you have done on our bathrooms. Since we spend half the year 3000 miles away from Newport Beach, finding a contractor who we can trust in our home while we are away has been a blessing. Your design help was invaluable as well. I still can’t believe my wife trusts you to make selections without her. You have a talent that belies your looks! We are looking forward to our next project.
Paul M

The positive state of looking forward to something is what can lead to extreme happiness or absolute disappointment. In design, the level of expectation I place on a crew to bring my design to life can lead not only to my own personal sense of satisfaction, but also an overwhelmingly pleased client which is of course my ultimate goal. I have found a team that helps me meet my expectations. Design can be very stressful; one needs to be prepared for anything and everything – all the time. Often times contractors tell you what you want to hear and then leave you (unintentionally) disappointed. Burkhardt Brothers sets me up for success by helping tune my expectations with reality that they help me facilitate for my client. They allow me to DESIGN according to the client’s needs and wants, while they carry the details of the project to fruition. I feel confident that if I partner with them on one of my projects – big or small – that they will support me in making the best impression possible for my client with time sensitive, diligent, communicative, professional and honest hard work. I call a number of the guys on their crew the “YODA’s” of their trade….simply wise and impressive is all I can say about the team – simply wise and impressive!
Tanya T, Devan Grace Design

My project was a little out of the norm to say the least. Burkhart Brothers tackled the known’s as well as the unknown’s with attention to detail, an eye on the budget like it was their money, and an unwavering commitment to the schedule. Burkhart Brothers performed for me far better than any prior experiences with home renovation contractors and far better than I could have wished for. I trust Burkhart to treat the budget like it‘s their own money, the schedule like their life depended on it and the attention to detail like it was their own house. Burkhart Brother’s field superintendents and workers are what set them apart. They are mindful of construction dust, noise, start times, safety, the schedule and most importantly, they are obsessed with quality of the project and getting the details right! Burkhart Brothers either self performs the work with qualified trained employees or subcontracts to dependable, insured, quality orientated sub-contractors.
Dean S, subzero Contractors

I would highly recommend Burkhart Brothers. Their professionalism, quality of workmanship and customer service is unsurpassed. The workers were extremely kind, knowledgable and helpful throughout the entire remodeling process. It was a pleasure having them around.
Shelly R

My husband and I couldn’t have been happier with our choice of BURKHART BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION when it came time to remodel our kitchen. Bryan came out for a consultation and we knew right away that we would be going with his company to remodel our kitchen. Not only was Bryan personable, but he answered all our questions and concerns. There was reassurance in his voice that he could handle any issue that came up. And, we had a few glitches! I liked how Bryan gave us a time line as to what would happen when…..and he stuck to it. Each and every one of his “specialist” ( electrician, plumber, fabricator, painter, etc.) were indeed “specialist” and professional in every way. Everyone involved with BURKHART BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION made the remodel enjoyable. So much so that we missed the guys once the kitchen was completed. We can’t wait to use them next year for our master bath.
Carol G

The layout of our house was awesome but we never liked the cabinets, fireplace, lighting, doors, finishes, wall color, etc. We didn’t know where to begin. Burkhart Brothers remodeled our house and addressed everything that was on our list. They also had great suggestions and our house turned out gorgeous! We would do it all over again because everyone on the team made the process easy to understand and easy to plan for.
Scott D

We have used Burkhart Brothers for several remodeling projects. We are very happy with the work and have received many compliments. The crew is hardworking, professional and courteous.
Kirt K

I have used Francis Suh’s service for construction projects at home for the last few years. Projects include roof repair and tile resurface. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He is always there to answer my questions and makes great recommendations that meet my budget and time constraints. I have recommended Francis to others and will continue to do so.
Amy S

If you expect everything to be done right, to your highest standards, then get it done by the team at Burkhart Brothers. They have the best of the best for all your needs, plumbing, electrical, construction, painting, and fabulous tiling! Do it the right way, and do it once!
Jean W

When Burkhart Brothers does a job for you nothing is left to guess work. You will know upfront how much it will cost. They will let you know how long the job will take. Their sub-contractors will be lined up for you. They are very neat, clean and prompt. I couldn’t have asked for a better contractor.
Lynne H

Thank you for your quick and responsive service these last few weeks. I panicked a little because I needed a few things done quickly before the magazine shoot, and boy did I ask the right guys to help me out! Burkhart Brothers! You swooped in and made quick work of what I needed, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality work you guys have provided me over the last few weeks has been such a godsend and I can’t thank you enough. Alex did an incredible job with all the drywall patching, and honestly, I was a little worried about matching the existing paint after he did the drywall, but then in comes Robert and WOW! That guy truly has a gift when it comes to color. He matched the existing color perfectly on the interior and then a few weeks later when you guys repainted my deck railing, Robert came up with an even better color than I had put on there originally! Bravo! It’s been extremely convenient to have you guys building a house on my street, and no matter how busy Chris has been with that house, he’s been so sweet and accommodating to take the time to talk to me and respond to my questions and requests for assistance. It’s been comforting to know that Chris would take care of whatever I needed in terms of repairs at my home. He’s a super guy and loves my dog too! He gets an A in my book! I asked Chris very late Friday afternoon about replacing my kitchen faucet and he said sure no problem and then BOOM! There Chris was knocking on my door at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning to inform me that the plumber would be at my house at 10:00 a.m. that morning to replace the faucet! Everyone at Burkhart Brothers, including you, Francis, has been nothing short of polite, professional, knowledgeable and responsive to me. I am extremely happy with all the work you have done for me.
Jackie M

I have worked with many General Contractors over the course of 30 years as a Interior Designer. It is very refreshing to work with Bryan Burkhart who truly understands the meaning of Customer Service. He always puts the client’s needs first and strives to make the construction process a great experience. I highly recommend his company. His sub contractors are excellent. His prices are fair. I will continue to refer him to my clients and would be happy to speak personally to anyone interested in using his services.
Jill Susson Interior Design

It is our pleasure to write a recommendation to Burkhartbros Construction. Bryan came to our rescue, when the previous builder left us stranded with an incomplete job. Bryan helped us get out of a bad situation by eliminating the rotted wood and construct a more durable concrete foundation and wood beams to support the entire house for years to come. His craftsmanship is not only quality at best, but extreme in every angle. Bryan delivers quality work and his knowledge of the constructional process is impeccable. His crew is professional, prompt, and clean. We highly recommend Bryan & Co. (Burkhartbros) to every future client for their impeccable skills and knowledge in homebuildings and renovations.
Frank H

A pleasure to work with. Finally found a contractor with employees that have integrity. They get it!
Leo N